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THE ELEMENT OF EARTH is the foundation all form and physicality. Our Mother Earth, with her fertile and nurturing farmlands, provides all Earth's creatures with nourishment and shelter. Earth is the densest of  elements.

In ancient Taoist thought, EARTH  corresponds with late Summer; governs the Spleen and Stomach, dermis and smooth tissue, mouth, and sense of taste. EARTH attributes embody patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work, and stability.

  • Virtues – Integration, inclusion, empathy, service-to-others, provision.
  • Absence of Virtue – Overly sympathathetic, tendency to worry, either self-serving or smothering, obsessive thought, exclusion.
  • Balanced Mental Quality – A centered and grounded assurance; harmony with others and one's surroundings. The ability to give of oneself, without draining one's own battery---knowing when to say "No". 
    • "I create and maintain healthy boundaries."
    • "I let go of the past and release unhealthy and toxic thoughts, feelings and old ways of being."

*The ELEMENT OF WOOD is also included as part of the EARTH Collection-

Strong and flexible, WOOD characterizes warmth, generosity, co-operation and idealism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious. Wood always seeks ways to grow and expand and heralds the beginning of life, springtime and budding trees, sensuality and fecundity. Associated with this element are the liver, gall bladder, sinews/neuro-muscular system, eyes, and sense of sight.

  • Virtues - Perspective Vision, Creative Problem Solving, Taking Action.
  • Absence of Virtue – Anger, Irritability, Blame, Rage, Resentment, Jealousy- Being Stuck- or conversely; risky behavior
  • Balanced Expression - Clarity, confidence, and the ability to implement a plan of action through thinking outside the box.
    • "I see the big picture, and I creatively utilize my options to solve life's challenges."

Set of 3 Earth Elementals -

  • Let Go! ~ RELEASE what no longer serves.
  • Integrating the whole ~ HARMONY ~ for unity and fusion
  • Clarity and vision ~ PERSPECTIVE for seeing the big picture.

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Atmosphere and Linen Spray, 4 oz. glass bottles
Essential Oil Roll-On Parfum, 9ml
Travel Size Spray, 1/6 oz. glass bottles

For topical or atmospheric use only. If pregnant or lactating, use only with a health practitioner's guidance. DO NOT INGEST.

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