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Ciel et Terre



THE ELEMENT OF WATER contains our emotions and subconscious memories. It provides purification, sanctification and, in the inner sanctums, it guards the mysteries of the self.

In ancient Taoist thought, WATER  corresponds with Winter; governs the Kidney and Bladder, bones, ears, and sense of hearing. In order to convey its true power, the force of WATER needs a container to marshall its energy; a chalice to hold the magical contents.

  • Virtues – Assurance and alignment with one’s true purpose; ability to trust, and be trustworthy; wise resource management.
  • Absence of Virtue – Fear, disconnection, loneliness, insecurity, lack of trust; squandering one's assets
  • Balanced Mental Quality – Going with the flow; accepting what is-----transformation of knowledge into wisdom.
    • "I flow with the river of life, instead of against it. I am aligned with what is."
    • "Once my path is known, I fearlessly move forward."
    • "I embrace and allow positive changes in my life.I am becoming more----------------Infinite potential"

Set of 3 Water Elementals:

Align with Source ~ ACCORD for entering into agreement.
Take Action ~ EMPOWERMENT for moving forward.
Move a mountain ~ TRANSFORMATION for metamorphosis
Choose from drop down menu:
    • Atmosphere and Linen Spray, 4 oz. glass bottles
    • Essential Oil Roll-On Parfum, 9ml
    • Travel Size Spray,  1/6 oz. glass bottles

    For topical or atmospheric use only. If pregnant or lactating, use only with a health practitioner's guidance. DO NOT INGEST.



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