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About Ciel et Terre

Ciel et Terre PURE ESSENTIAL OIL WIZARDRY is a heartfelt gift from me to you:

As an acupuncturist and naturopathic practitioner, I have come to experience the many blessings that essential oils can offer to clients. Because of the chemical nature of the plant oils as well as their energetic nature, I believe that therapeutic grade, full-spectrum essential oils are among the ways that we can offer solutions for resolution of imbalances on all 3 levels  -  body, mind and heart.

Years ago, at a critical time in my life, I became aware that all creation had consciousness and that the wisdom of flowers and plants carry a special message for us.

During that time period, I dreamt about a rose. “I am here [on earth] to bring beauty, forgiveness and a sense of divine order to this world,” said the Rose. I deeply felt the Truth of her statement. Afterwards, I could never experience the softness and delicacy of the scent, or perfection of the design without feeling a deep appreciation for Rose’s energetic signature message.


Each flower generously gives its essence (through the essential oil) to us so that we might receive its unique, energetic message. However, we don't hear it with our ears, We "hear" it with our noses!

I formulated various combinations of essences until I found the perfect balance that corresponds to the 12 meridian pathways in the body, each containing a specific "virtue" according to ancient wisdom, and related to the 4 elements in nature. 

As I began to utilize the essential oils with clients in my practice, saw  each flower and plant share its own unique gift to heal, encourage, soothe and support.

These gifts from Gaia are graciously offered - their beauty and scent for all to enjoy without bias.

The alchemy of these pure, full-spectrum oils can enhance our experience of the 3 TREASURES - 

~Peaceful Heart, Clear Mind, and Healthy Body~


May it help you on your journey.









Ciel Walko, Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Traditional Naturopath







CREATED WITH: Steam distilled, full-spectrum therapeutic-grade essential oils and absolutes; wild crafted, eco-certified or organic, plant-based cold-pressed oils, recyclable and reusable packaging.
Contact information:

Ciel et Terre, LLC.     200 Swannanoa River Road, Suite C   Asheville, NC   28805

ph: 828-232-4488.      cielwalko@live.com.    www.cielessentials.com