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Temple Guardian Pure Essential Oil Blend, 10ml. glass bottle - Ciel et Terre
Ciel et Terre

Temple Guardian Pure Essential Oil Blend, 10ml. glass bottle

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The robber's blend of root and stem, bark and peel, known since ancient times, worn for protection, kept your secret; kept you safe.
Now rediscovered, these time-honored oils of ORGANIC EUCALYPTUS RADIATA, ORGANIC ROSEMARY, ORGANIC LEMON, ORGANIC CLOVE BUD, and CO2 EXTRACTED CINNAMON BARK are stealth warriors; though you cannot see them, they are close -- protecting body, mind and spirit.
TEMPLE GUARDIAN - For purifying home and environs ~ 5 pure organic essential oils to support well-being.


Temple Guardian Pure Essential Oil Blend combines 5 full-spectrum ORGANIC essential oils that specifically protect and support the immune system, respiratory tract and sinuses, or what's called the Metal Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Spicy, invigorating and fresh, Temple Guardian EO can be mixed with a carrier oil and applied topically to ward off air-borne microbes. Diffusing it in a room purifies the environment. With its warm spices and slightly medicinal aroma, it creates a sense of health and well-being for the person using it.

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For topical or atmospheric use only. If pregnant or lactating, use only with a health practitioner's guidance. DO NOT INGEST.

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